Sheldon Silver

Silver, ‘corrupt’ doc didn’t have to be friends to be partners in slime

The prosecution has tried to show that the relationship between former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Dr. Robert Taub was one of corruption, not innocent friendship. Dr. Taub, a cancer expert, allegedly steered his asbestos victims to Silver’s law firm because he hoped Silver would reciprocate the favor with funding more mesothelioma research, something the Speaker did with $500,000 in taxpayers money. 

Sheldon Silver files motion to have all corruption charges dismissed — seriously

Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver filed a "last-ditch motion" to have all corruption charges against him dismissed; however, Manhattan Judge Valerie Captroni's response suggested that Silver is still in hot water. Silver is accused of receiving illegal kickbacks from asbestos litigation and real estate schemes.

Jury Hears Where Sheldon Silver’s Money Went as U.S. Rests Case

Prosecutors in the corruption trial of former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, involving asbestos referral kickbacks, rested their case Nov. 18, 2015, after ten days of trial. The jury heard from a Buffalo venture capitalist, who testified about helping Silver invest his so-called "extra money." The investor, Jordan Levy, said Silver's portfolio eventually grew to more than $1.4 million, some of which Silver asked Levy to transfer to his wife's name.

Prosecutors Rest in Sheldon Silver Corruption Trial

Prosecutors in the corruption trial of former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver rested their case Nov. 18, 2015, after ten days of trial. During trial, they argued that Silver abused his political position to obtain illegal kickbacks through private law firm Weitz & Luxenberg. Silver faces charges of honest services fraud, money laundering and extortion. The defense is not expected to call witnesses to the stand.

Not a Silver of truth for Shelly

In recounting events that led to his corruption trial, the New York Daily News Editorial Board calls former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver "calculatingly dishonest." The authors say Silver repeatedly lied to the paper about how he obtained his profitable "endless flow" of asbestos claimant clients for his private law firm, Weitz & Luxenberg.

Ex-N.Y. legislative leaders facing U.S. corruption trials

Former State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver faces trial on charges that he received kickbacks and bribes, including $3 million in referral bonuses for asbestos claimants he obtained in exchange for state research grants he arranged for Columbia University professor Dr. Robert Taub. At the same time, the former state Senate Majority Leader is facing corruption charges. A U.S. attorney called the statehouse "one of the most corrupt governments in the nation."

Q. and A.: The Trial of Sheldon Silver

In a question and answer format, authors Craig and Rashbaum discuss the Sheldon Silver trial and possible outcomes. Former New York State Assembly Speaker Silver is on trial for allegedly receiving illicit payments for asbestos patient referrals. 

Inside the Trial of Sheldon Silver

Author Craig names key players in the Sheldon Silver trial, including Arthur Luxenberg, Perry Weitz, and Dr. Robert Taub, all allegedly involved in Silver receiving kickbacks from asbestos claimant referrals.

New York Assembly speaker's law firm income scrutinized

Attorneys for Weitz & Luxenberg testify in the Silver trial, as prosecutors seek to show that Sheldon Silver, as the AP reports, "exploited the firm to make a fortune on a bribery scheme involving a cancer researcher."

Doctor testifies against ex-NY assembly speaker at trial

Dr. Robert Taub, a prominent Columbia University professor, told a jury that he referred asbestos patients to former Sheldon Silver's law firm in exchange for state research funds. After Taub began referring patients to Silver, Taub was "encouraged" to write a letter asking for research funding, and two $250,000 grants followed. Taub also admitted he lied when first asked by prosecutors whether he had referred patients to Silver.


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