A Stubborn Manufacturer Exposes The Asbestos Blame Game

In a Garlock Sealing Technologies case, persistence led to the discovery that asbestos attorney Benjamin Shein failed to present important evidence about other dangerous chemicals his client was exposed to, making Garlock appear more liable that it actually was. The claimant later filed with more than 20 bankruptcy trusts. This case has exposed the inner workings of "one of the longest-run and most lucrative schemes in the American litigation business," Forbes Senior Editor Daniel Fisher writes. Lester Brickman, professor at Yeshiva University, conducted research on the asbestos litigation system and concluded, "There's rampant fraud in every one of those cases."


Garlock not given key evidence in case that resulted in $24M verdict, company argued

Garlock claims that the largest verdict delivered against it, $24 million, came about because the company was not allowed to present to the jury evidence that would have demonstrated that the plaintiff, Roebrt Treggett, was exposed to another company's product. Garlock knew what products were on-site at Treggett's work location, but the Waters & Kraus attorney, Ron Eddins, was able to keep the information away from the jury even though the plaintiff had already made a claim for exposure to the other company's product, Unibestos.


N.C. Judge Refuses to Transfer RICO Cases Asserted by Garlock Against Asbestos Plaintiff Firms

The federal court overseeing the Garlock RICO cases against plaintiff firms has denied the firms' requests to have their cases transferred to other venues, citing a desire for consistent treatment by one court. [Note: the orders are available in this website's Resource Center].


Garlock offered Philly cases as proof asbestos lawyers were withholding evidence

To show how Garlock's prior litigation history included inflated claims as asbestos plaintiff attorneys manipulated the system, the company produced evidence of past asbestos claims, including several involving Philadelphia's Shein Law Center. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge George Hodges ultimately sided with Garlock's position that its liability going forward should not be based on the company's litigation history. The court records were recently unsealed after the seal was challenged by Legal Newsline and other entities. The record reveals that Benjamin Shein testified that his firm filed trust claims after llitigation was completed in order to keep other bankrupt companies' names off the verdict form.



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