Judicial Hellholes 2015-2016 – Includes New York City; Newport News, Va.; and Madison County, Ill. Asbestos Hellholes

American Tort Reform Association

The new annual list of the worst court venues in the nation put out by the American Tort Reform Foundation includes three of the most notorious asbestos venues in the nation: the New York City Asbestos Litigation docket (NYCAL); Circuit Court for the City of Newport News, Va.; and Madison County, Ill courts.  NYCAL has been tainted with the kickback fraud conviction of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who referred asbestos plaintiffs to the biggest personal injury firm using the NYCAL venue and which received special favors there.  NYCAL also has been rendering verdicts much higher than other courts.  Newport News is infamous for unfair evidence rules that tilt the scales, and Madison County’s asbestos docket is tarnished as a shameless venue shopping destination. 

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