R.I. Court Awards Summary Judgment to Crane Co., Says Defendant Can’t Be Held Liable for Third-Party Replacement Parts

A Rhode Island Superior Court awarded summary judgment to Crane Co. March 13, 2017 on the basis that the plaintiff did not establish a clear connection between the alleged personal injury and the asbestos-containing parts manufactured by the defendant.

Jury Reaches Defense Verdict for ITW Food Equipment in Asbestos Case Involving Commercial Kitchen Equipment

A New York jury on Feb. 15, 2017 reached a defense verdict in an asbestos lawsuit after a seven-week trial, not finding that the defendant was liable for the claimant's personal injury. The plaintiff alleged exposure to asbestos through the defendant's commercial kitchen equipment.

Dearth Of Causation Evidence Dooms Most Of Widow's Claims, Magistrate Says

A Delaware federal magistrate judge recommended summary judgment for most of the defendants in an asbestos lawsuit Feb. 8, 2017, ruling that the plaintiff was unable to establish a genuine issue of material fact.

Calif. Court Affirms Summary Judgment for Asbestos Defendants, Says Plaintiff Established Exposure was Possible, Not Probable

A California appellate court on Feb. 2, 2017 affirmed summary judgment in an asbestos exposure case. The plaintiff was unable to provide evidence connecting his alleged asbestos exposure to the defendants' products, the judge said.

Delaware Supreme Court Affirms Summary Judgment Orders Entered in Favor of Asbestos Defendants

The Delaware Supreme Court on Feb. 6, 2017 affirmed summary judgment for five asbestos defendants, concluding that the jury would not be able to reasonably infer the decedent's alleged exposure to the defendants' products based on the plaintiffs' evidence.

Del. Court Awards Summary Judgment to Asbestos Defendant in Take-Home Exposure Case

The Delaware Superior Court awarded summary judgment to a defendant in a take-home asbestos case Feb. 2, 2017. The plaintiff failed to establish a special relationship between the defendant and the decedent, the judge said.

Pa. Appellate Court Affirms Summary Judgment Award to Asbestos Defendant, Says Claims Discharged in Bankruptcy

The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed a trial court's award of summary judgment to an asbestos defendant Jan. 26, 2017, ruling that the claims were in fact discharged through bankruptcy proceedings.

Maryland Court Tosses Lung Cancer Claims; Says Allocation of Damages Between Smoking and Asbestos Impermissible

A Maryland judge dismissed asbestos-related claims on Nov. 15, 2016, ruling that allocating causation of personal injury between smoking and asbestos is impermissible, and adding that the plaintiffs were aware of the dangers of smoking.

Calif. Jury Reaches Defense Verdict for Talc Defendants, Rejects Claims that Products Were Contaminated with Asbestos

A California jury reached a decision in favor of two asbestos defendants on Oct. 21, 2016. The jury rejected claims that a plaintiff developed personal injury as a result of exposure to asbestos-contaminated talcum powder.

Missouri Jury Reaches Defense Verdict for 3 Defendants at Conclusion of Take-Home Asbestos Trial

A Missouri jury reached a defense verdict Sept. 9, 2016 in favor of Volkswagen, Ford, and Honeywell, rejecting take-home asbestos exposure claims.


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