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Judge Suggests Nixing Trio from Navy Asbestos Row

A Delaware judge on Aug. 28, 2016 recommended eliminating three companies from an asbestos exposure lawsuit in which a former U.S. Navy shipyard worker alleged that dozens of government contractors are responsible for his personal injury. The judge ruled that there is no evidence of a direct link between the three companies and his injury.

Company wants its lawsuits against asbestos attorneys to be consolidated; firm argues cases aren’t related

John Crane Inc. is seeking for the lawsuits it filed against Shein Law Center and Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett PC to be heard by one judge. “There is no need for two judges in this Court to learn the same technical background or hear the same motions on the same legal issues and discovery disputes. Similarly, having one judge decide these issues will ensure uniformity as to the rulings on these common issues,” John Crane wrote in a filing. Shein has argued that John Crane doesn't have the conditions for reassignment.

Court ruling could allow feds to seize Silver and Skelos’ pensions

The ruling in Assemblyman Eric Stevenson's case could make way for New York authorities to seize the pensions of corrupt politicians like former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. In the ruling, the court said federal law overtakes state constitutions' protections of retirement funds in cases of forfeiture.

Deterring Fraud in the Longest-Running Mass Tort in History

40 years of asbestos lawsuits have bankrupted almost 100 companies, costing tens of thousands of jobs.

It’s the longest running mass tort in history.

Former Washington State attorney general Rob McKenna says Congress created trust funds to help asbestos victims:

“Bankruptcy trust funds were set up to create a smoother, and frankly less burdensome, process for those who became sick from asbestos and deserved to be compensated from the companies that went into bankruptcy under a special provision of the federal code,” said McKenna.

40 years of asbestos lawsuits have bankrupted almost 100 companies, costing tens of thousands of jobs. It’s the longest running mass tort in history.

Preet Bharara wants Sheldon Silver to go straight to jail

Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should go directly to jail, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara wrote in a letter to federal judge Valerie Caproni. Silver was sentenced to 12 years in jail for charges including his quid pro quo agreement with an asbestos researcher that involved state grants and payoffs to Silver from his private law firm.

Millions in tax dollars lost to lawsuits in Madison and St. Clair County, I-LAW study finds

A study by legal watchdog group Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch found that municipal budgets in Madison and St. Clair Counties are hurt by excessive litigation costs. The two counties are the targets of lawsuit abuse, the organization says, because of questionably close relationships between judges and personal injury lawyers. In 2011, a Madison County judge was removed from overseeing the asbestos docket when she was exposed for granting plaintiffs' lawyers their choice of trial slots in close proximity to these lawyers making large donations to her campaign fund.

North Charleston firm 2nd in asbestos filings for average number of defendants

Despite a recent report showing firms named as many as 280 defendants in asbestos claims lawsuits, the main focus will remain on plaintiffs attempting to "double dip" on asbestos trusts, according to experts in South Carolina. 

Madison County judge formed relationships with national asbestos firms after becoming judge

Madison County Illinois associate judge Donald Flack disclosed relationships with two national asbestos firms, according to a statement of economic interest filed with the Illinois Supreme Court. He also disclosed firms he has worked for as being employers of his wife and his son.

MDL Court Issues Memo Clarifying its Adoption of Bare Metal Defense under Maritime Law

A federal court issued an order May 19, 2016, stating it “concluded that maritime law’s application of the defense rejects potential liability of a product manufacturer in negligence for products that it did not manufacture or supply.” The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania oversees the national asbestos products liability multi-district litigation docket. 

N.Y. Court Grants Motions for Summary Judgment in Asbestos Case, Cites Product Identification Deficiencies

The New York Supreme Court for the 8th Judicial District granted several defense motions for summary judgement, finding that the plaintiff failed to identify the source of asbestos exposure or establish his proximity to asbestos. 


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